We specialise in the restoration and rebuild of tired and failing patios, returning them to “good as new” condition, for thousands of pounds less than a replacement.
If you have broken, loose or uneven slabs, crumbling mortar joints, damaged edgings, weed growth and moss, or poor drainage, we can help.

We use time-proven traditional methods and materials, as well as the most advanced polymeric resin mortars and jointing compounds to provide a cost-effective, long term renovation. All our jointing is inserted, compacted and pointed by hand, for maximum structural integrity and durability. 

“Our 10 year old patio was badly degraded with perished mortar joints and loose slabs and cobbles. Following Andrew’s advice to use Norcross Flexible Grout and his meticulous refurb work, it is now in better condition than the original.” Steve Lesbirel

"I had a perfectly good, but tired, patio restored to pristine condition, saving me literally thousands of pounds, as against a new one. I was impressed that you did not suggest renewal of a good but dilapidated patio, but saw the potential and merit of reviving the old one to its former condition. A job well done!"        David Johns

Treat your patio to a new lease of life and decades of further enjoyment for you, your family and friends. Call 07811 443561 to arrange for us to visit and propose a restoration plan.